Learn – Journey of Online Bingo

Not too long ago, our phones were fixed on the wall and even mobiles seemed like an outlandish concept. Now, we’re using these handy devices to everything, from surfing the internet to playing mobile bingo – but how did this come about?

Bingo Halls

Many years ago, if you wanted to play bingo then your only option was to head to your local club. These are the times that many players will remember fondly, but online bingo offers you so much more. The opportunity to play bingo from the comfort of your own home has taken a long time and many advances in technology too.

The First Online Wager

Online gambling was first introduced into the casino sector in 1990, though it was another 6 years before bingo came online. In the early days, licencing wasn’t prevalent and it was a largely unregulated industry. This is where many people get the idea that online casinos are unfair or can be scams.

The earliest online bingo games wouldn’t let you gamble real cash on them, as they were purely for fun. Until later in the 90s, bingo wasn’t available to play with cash as licencing for the game had only just been introduced. The first countries to offer licencing were in the Caribbean but this meant that US players could no longer play bingo online, as their laws prohibit online gambling.

Fair Gaming Online

Real money bingo games came into their prime in the 00s, as more and more operators began offering an online game. Back then, you could only play the game on a desktop computer – not on a mobile device. The first phones to come with their own internet browsers couldn’t do much with them, as they were incredibly basic. Checking the football scores or the headlines were the extent of their tech capacity but over the years this has changed completely.

The Advent of Mobile Bingo

With the invention of the smartphone, users were given technology that could almost compete with what a computer could do. Online bingo operators were quick to jump on the trend, offering mobile versions of their sites and apps to eager players. The onus on the best bingo sites to offer some kind of mobile version is huge as players are now accustomed to having that option.

Whether you choose to play via an app or a mobile site, this way to play bingo can keep you winning on the move. Mobile bingo is more popular than ever and more players choose to play this way. The first mobile bingo sites had only a few games and took a long time to load, but now players are treated to fast sites and lots of games. Instead of mobile bingo completely replacing desktop versions, most players use both to mix things up.

Sites now want to offer the best mobile version to cater to the growing number of players, making it extremely competitive. Therefore, you never need to settle on a subpar site, as there’s a world of choice for you!